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Ticklish Teeth

The struggles of brushing a child’s teeth are all too familiar for many parents. Ticklish Teeth tackles tooth brushing with the combined power of reading and giggles.

1 in 5 kids has dental issues that can cause problems in developing adult teeth. Combine that with a tedious daily routine and you may have a challenge on your hands. Clint, founder of Ticklish teeth, experienced this first hand — twice a day, every day. He discovered that reading and tickling teeth could be the answer. He knocked on Locus’ door armed with his own tickling teeth book and a matching rudimentary prototype for a ‘giggling toothbrush’.

We set out to check the idea by looking at the market, the consumer base, the system itself, and potential future partners. The unique combination the giggling toothbrush (activated on brushing motion) and reading, without the use of screens and technology in the bathroom, got us excited. We could see a world of ticklish products.

What followed was a further development of the system into consistently working and safe prototype, complete with its own Ticklish brand identity to match. The whole package was put to the test with young families.

All the gathered insights and feedback led to a fully finetuned production ready version of the toothbrush*.  We designed a packaging system that would create a huge smile among the FMCG sea of plastic-wrapped toothbrushes. Over time, the Ticklish Toothbrush body and brushheads will come in different colourways – allowing for playful mix and matching.

*The book itself was developed by Clint and his illustrator.


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