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Nice to (digitally) meet you.

My name is Caroline Noordijk,
a creative director 
and designer coming from the
world of product development.

I am a creative who is excellent at connecting dots and clarifying the real reason – “the why” – of a product/service or project. By using applied research – Digging deep, cutting through the BS – and design, I can help you create products, services and innovations that actually make sense.

I love bringing ideas to life and consider myself as much of a thinker as a doer. I have collaborated with start-ups, SME, government, and corporations. And through this work, I learned to have a great appreciation and consideration for all that can make or break a product/service/idea. It is with this mindset that I push to get a product from good to great, from ordinary to extraordinary.

You will find I excel at the intersection of Brand, Sustainability, and Product Design – which means I will always consider what is best for a Brand | the Planet | and the actual Product (or service).

selection of Work


Inverse is revolutionising the way we condition by harnessing the power of ice.

UBCO 2x2

The 2×2 is a dual electric bike in the on- and off-road EV bike segment.


Everything a preterm baby needs for the best start in life.


It all started with my everlasting love for product design and development. The physicality, user interaction, materials, tactility –  my obsession to create the ultimate experience was and is always there. I honed my skills and learned from some of the best, but started to realise something was missing.

Product design traditionally centres around the relationship between the user and the product, also known as the “classic” human-centric design approach. A beautiful starting point, because the bulk of our designed world is intended for human interaction. However, I felt the need to look beyond this relationship and include the objectives/and stories of the brands powering the products. To me, a product is the physical embodiment of a brand – and it should go hand in hand with the brand strategy and all other forms of its expression. It led to my first self invented role as Brand Identity specialist within Product development and later on Creative Director.

My experience grew, and so did my awareness of our impact on the planet. In today’s world, it is simply not good enough to make desirable products without considering its environmental and social impact. As designers and makers, we must take responsibility and do our best to get it right – even if this means incremental change. A challenge that starts with ‘Life cycle thinking’ and identifying the real game-changers and opportunities within the many layers of value chains, networks and stakeholders. It is about being accountable for what you put into the world and using that power to do good.

It is at this cross-section of Brand | Planet | Product that I find myself most inspired and valuable for any kind of business.