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UBCO 2×2

Transform the way you ride. The 2×2 is a dual electric bike that has carved its own market in the on- and off-road EV bike segment.

I worked with UBCO from the moment it was awarded the Fieldays innovation awards in 2014 – and Locus Research became its chief collaborator and later on investor. UBCO incubated at the Locus studio to develop the business, product, and brand and tackle the full spectrum of start-up related work. Think fast, lean, and iterative.

Our initial focus was to develop a brand that would hold its own internationally. It led to the creation of the iconic black and white brand identity. In my role as creative director, I was responsible for the brand expression in all forms: print, digital and physical. Product design, print collateral, packaging, press packs, apparel, and digital – I’ve worked on it all. Besides being involved in all designed parts, we were also integral in all things strategic and even supported in capital raising.

Since its inception, I have collaborated with the UBCO team on subsequential new products in their portfolio – including the unique 3 Wise Men 2×2 limited edition bike. It has been quite a ride! And my relationship with the company lives on as its product portfolio, and brand identity continues to grow.


UBCO ltd.


Creative Director


Brand Identity
Product Design
Packaging Design
Print Collateral
Digital Media

The logo takes its inspiration of it iconic x frame. Wearing it proud as its crown – no colour needed.

The 2×2 unique design makes it a true master of off road and farm environments.

I’ve been collaborating with the team from the start all the way to their latest Generation 5 bikes.