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In an industry that predominantly uses heat or chemicals to get beautiful hair, Inverse is revolutionising the way we condition by harnessing the power of ice.

I joined the Locus the team when they were knee-deep into researching the effects of cold on the hair fibre. The actual device was still a rough prototype, and the brand wasn’t further developed than its name. What followed was an intense development period in which we worked around the clock to get the product to market as fast as possible.

As the company started to take shape, it moved into the Locus studio to incubate and ramp-up to become its own entity. During that time, we worked hard to create a fresh and exciting brand that people would be proud to embrace. We created campaigns and sales materials and spent a lot of time weaving education into the brand story – after all, Inverse has created a whole new category in the hair care sector.

My role also spaned over to the actual physical product design, ensuring the system was designed with the user at heart, aligning with the brand identity. Understanding all influential factors, meant being part and on top of all user research, technical findings, as well as all constraints and realities from a business development and finance point of view. Long live the start-up. We nurtured Inverse, and gave them a great head start before they ventured out on their own.

Inverse was awarded an NZ Best Design Award in 2015 as well as the Australian Good Design Award in 2016. It was alos picked up by the likes of Vogue, Cosmopolitan, InStyle, and The Today Show (US).


Roholm Ltd.


Creative Director


Brand Identity
Product Design
Packaging Design
Print Collateral
Digital Media