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Babyleo® TN500

Everything a preterm baby needs for the best start in life. The Dräger lncuwarmer Babyleo® TN500 provides the best thermal management and fully supports the development of babies.

Drager came to us, at MMID, with an idea to bridge the transition from closed care (incubator) to open care (radiant heater) for premature babies. The so-called Incuwarmer
had to be designed for optimum temperature control* and unparralleled workflow.

Not only did we deep dive into the technical requirements, we also spend a considerable amount of time, familiarizing ourselves with the context of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Understanding the environment, the experiences and needs of the parents, medical staff and nurses, were crucial to our design process. The user research was complemented with analysing and considering all feedback from different doctors and professionals around the world.

Our main objective was to design a device that met the technical requirements but equally looked friendly and overall less intimidating. A balancing act that was not always easy to maintain and required intense collaboration with the engineering team.

This certainly is one of the most memorable and proud projects I’ve ever worked on. Working alongside the talented team at Drager, as well as spending time with the medical staff at the NICU, was both humbling and inspiring.

The incubator was given a “Red Dot: Best of the Best” award in the “Life Sciences and Medicine” category, as well as an, iF Design Award.

* A slight change in body temperature can have severe consequences for preterm babies: a body temperature that is just one degree Celsius lower can increase mortality by almost a third.




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