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3 Wise Men x UBCO 

When two brands collaborate with our help, the result is a beautifully executed collection offering unlimited promotional opportunities. The collection captures the spirit of each brand.

After seing the 2×2, 3 Wise Men were inspired to create a capsule collection to match the bike.– and UBCO decided to return the favour and match a bike to their collection. UBCO asked me to take lead on the project and bring the collaboration to life within a very tight timeframe to launch at UBCON 2019.

After selecting  the prefered concept direction we further developed the proposal taking inspiration from the garments. The paint, grips, mirrors, fasteners, and spokes were completely overhauled and we designed new custom parts for the headlight lens, battery handles, seat, battery belt, pannier rack and decals.

The unique logomark for the capsule collection was created this by taking the most iconic parts of both logomarks – giving the 3 the ubco crown. The well-balanced mark that is easily placed on garment labels, swing tags, buttons, and equally works on the bike itself. The full suite was developed out to all needed garment labels, tags, product details, and a horizontal logo version for communication purposes.

The result is a beautifully executed body of work that truly captures the spirit of UBCO and 3 Wise Men.

The “move beautifully” tagline was created by the 3 Wise Men copywriter, and completed the story perfectly.


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